All that La La talk

la la land
I decided it would be more interesting to use fan-art

There was too much hype around La La Land: is the first thing I have to say. But I will say from the start that I can understand both sides of the critic.

I admit that I only found out about the film and got curious to watch it because of all the publicity around it (in my case it started with the constant trailers in youtube adds). And when it hit the cinemas I didn’t wait long to go and take my seat for it, dragging my patient boyfriend with me. As I am a lover of musicals I barely contained myself during the screening from all of the admiration. I loved every second and when it ended I continued talking about it, humming the songs, stomping my feet a little harder as I walked to hear them tap and thought about where had I seen those colours and dance numbers before. And this article is exactly about that. In the very first time I saw it I already could recognise so much from the old glamorous Hollywood industry, as I take it upon myself to watch all those classics, starting all the way from the black and white ones. And maybe someone with an even bigger knowledge than me noticed even more similarities. So from the beginning of the movie I understood that they strategically used colour grading, filmed in the oldest or film related areas of the city (e.g. mural with all the great movie stars), put the lead actors in vintage like outfits, his taste in music was of course jazz and he even had a classic car. Just to purposely set the mood for golden Hollywood age. And that is just the basis of it, because then you have the actual singing and dancing.

la la land VIla la land IIIla la land IVla la land II

la la land outfits
I loved almost all of her dresses (opened back are hard to resist) and his shoes don’t fool anyone !

The girls’ act (Someone in the crowd) reminded me of the colour coordination of On the town, 1949.

la la land IX.png


The planetarium scene reminded me immediately of the elephant scene (My gift is my song) in Moulin Rouge, one of my favourite films.

10895la la land X

la la land XI.png
The band wagon with Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse

And  I completely understand why they would do this and that same reason justifies, in part, the huge success of the film. They wanted it to resemble the good old musical classics and seeing all of that again with today’s technology and quality was amazing. They tried to bring back that style of film and that is a reason why so many didn’t like it: it brought nothing new. But that is also the reason why so many did enjoy it.

Personally the story actually related to something I was going through at the time and so I loved the ending, how although they weren’t together, which would have been great, they were still doing great without each other. Again as so many old romantic classics a not so very happy ending (like Moulin Rouge). I enjoyed that it was indeed so similar to the old films and the music was just simply beautiful (my favourite one is the Planetarium composure and City of Stars got stuck in my head for weeks!). I wanted to share this impression of mine, even though the hype about this film is probably all over, to see if I was the only one that got this idea. Hope you enjoyed this type of article.

Stay classy ❤

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