10 top ways on how to/I stay creative


  1. Documentaries or films about creative people (ex. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKgKEaARO3JNj47eH6BG1sXkgNzdj23iF ). It inspires to see someone work, talk about their passion, how much they fought to get where they are, where they got/get their inspiration from and their message to the artists out there.
  2. Youtube talks/Podcasts (ex. Ted talks, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYJ-b27EQGGt-rl9rqHRiMQANIpnWsH7L ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ziv3Nv3xTOw ). Motivational talks and videos to help you gain confidence and inspiration.
  3. Put it to the test. Actually trying out your ideas is the best thing you can do to develop your creativity. Because whether is does works or not it will only make you think more and create more.
  4. Just like watching films and documentaries you can also read about inspiring people. Or you can read inspiring text. Ever tried representing a poem through a photograph or a drawing?
  5. Take a walk. Going outside really is refreshing for your creative soul. It needs fresh air, sunshine and new ideas from the view you will get just by walking along the park.
  6. Surf the web. A LOT. In my case, I get more attracted to visual information. So when I have an idea or just need some random inspiration I go online and search, search, search. My favourite platforms for this are Pinterest and Instagram. But there is also Tumbrl, Youtube, Google images and so many more.

  7. Listen. To music, mostly. I once recorded every little sound that attracted me so I could make a compilation of my favourite sounds. I still have it and it has things like the sound of a city close to a river and me mixing sugar in my morning coffee. But mostly I like some good music to help me not lose the beat when I am working on a project. It depends on the work and my mood, but it normally varies between classical and feel good funk or pop.
  8. Let go, decompress and, surprise, procrastinate. This is the best advice, in my opinion. Creativity can’t quite be forced. And I know for sure that I get my best ideas when I am procrastinating or doing my everyday tasks, like showering! (I can compose full musics when I shower). And it is completely normal, since your brain will make connections much faster and less obvious when it is relaxed.
  9. Try out new things, have new experiences,new feelings, find new people and new perspectives. This one is also a great tip. You will never develop your creative self if you keep yourself stuck in the same things forever. You need to see new things, meet different people with different ideas from you, listen to other styles of music to get new perspectives and to let your brain know that it can think differently. And this goes for anything in life, not just creativity.
  10. Admire someone. It feels very good and reassuring to have someone to look up to. An idol that you can admire his/hers lifestyle, way of thinking, working, dancing…the reasons are infinite. Mine is Audrey Hepburn. But I do admire the work of so many different people and I let it influence the way I think and see the world.finaleStay Classy ❤

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