My wardrobe essentials

Every closet should have a main core, pieces that you can rely on and use always, easily and in infinite ways. Here are some of mine. Of course, I didn’t include summer items, that would be a whole different post 😉

Let’s start with everybody’s best friend: denim. You can have any and everything  denim that it will always be easy to pair with, comfortable to wear and good looking. My denim essentials are, of course, some well fitted jeans, a denim jacket and a denim shirt. Believe me, a denim shirt works in so many different ways and it is a really fun staple to own. Also here are my trusty old Converse. No matter the brand, a pair of white sneakers is the ultimate shoe for a casual look.

wardrobe essentials denim
Jeans-Jennifer Lopez  Denim jacket-Vero Moda  Denim shirt-Thrifted Sneakers-Converse

Next up I have the oh so classic trench coat. I love the details on this one and it’s quality. It puts together any simple outfit and makes it so much classier. Which is always the way to go. Another classy item that I considered an essential was my pink pleated skirt. It is very comfortable and surprisingly versatile. In any colour have at least one in your wardrobe. There are some very cool options, like full leather ones. Also here I have the white blouse. I love blouses and in white I believe is where you can splurge and have million different styles, because they will all always work! If you want one great pair of heels go for nude. They will match everything, elongate your legs and make any dress look more classy. Match it up with some staple accessories like a classic watch, a statement necklace and some pearl earings and you are sure to shine anywhere you go.

wardrobe essentials pleated skirt
Trench coat-Thrifted  Skirt-Stradivarius  Blouse-Pinkie  Heels-Nine West

I consider a military jacket a staple. But any army green jacket will do it. I have a couple of versions since this is a colour that works marvellously in fall/winter, but can adapt to spring/summer too. A great military jacket is a statement by itself so it puts any outfit together as simple as it may be, adding some interest to basics. (e.g. White shirt, blue jeans, black booties and the military jacket). Also in this image we can see leather pants: my one true love. When in doubt go for leather. They can make any outfit look so much better and you can always replace jeans for these beauties. So easy and so chic. Just like the white blouse here we have the black blouse. Same rules apply! Anything goes. And for fall/winter you must have type of knee high boots. Besides being cute they give you extra warmth. Love these block heel suede ones I got recently.

wardrobe essentials army green jacket
Jacket-Thrifted  Pants-Primark  Boots-Clarks  Blouse-La Redoute Glasses-Michael Kors

Moving on: here are some more work appropriate staples. Starting off with my beautiful pencil skirt. I wear these off duty too, just because they give such a nice silhouette to a woman’s body. A more casual version of these: leather, printed or brightly coloured. And yes, I have them all 😉 Next up the blazer, of course. This is the most easy jacket to rock (maybe just according to my style). But it, like the trench coat or the military jacket,  can make any outfit look so much more put together and chic. Own them in every colour, fit, pattern…anything goes with this piece. I think that, especially in the context of work appropriate clothing, printed/patterned shirts are so important to keep your outfits interesting. In my case, I love blues: stripes, polka dots, flowers. But I should really invest in more colourful ones so I can match up with more simple pieces, as seen here. Don’t forget some clean lined accessories and some beautiful and (most important) comfortable loafers to walk to and back from work. No way I am walking in heels all the way there, especially if it is Portuguese sidewalks!

wardrobe essentials pencil skirt
Shirt-Lefties  Blazer-Springfield  Skirt-New Look  Loafers-PullandBear Watch-Claires

Here is a fresher look with some of my favourite, not so obvious, items. Again the white blouse, here a different variation. My trusty, even in cold winter, flats. After a full week of working on heels all I want to wear are flat comfortable shoes. Which doesn’t mean ugly. I absolutely love these snake printed lace up ones. So many chic details in one amazing shoe. Another staple of mine, fall/winter or spring/summer, is beije/camel/caqui (whatever colour you want to call these) pants. To avoid the sometimes depressing black or the too bright white I just go with these. This colour works as a neutral so it matches up with practically everything. Any silver jewellery works for me and this pattern is a classic for scarfs, no matter the colour. I already have quite the collection of these.

wardrobe essentials caqui trousers
Flats-Graceland  Trousers-Lauren Conrad  Blouse-Dorothy Perkins Necklace-Bijou Brigitte

Such a way down already, but these were sure to come up sooner or later. The most basic of them all: white shirt. Some white jeans or trousers go with anything and quite like the leather pants make any outfit classier. Of course, the leather jacket! And in other colours besides black works as well, don’t forget about that. This one is amazing quality and I love the zippers on it. Leather jackets have to be moto styled, in my book. Besides the knee high, ankle booties are a great option and they give your outfit a completely different vibe. The details on these are just perfect. Should I get into accessories too? I have a big collection of scarfs and this one is my favourite. It gives a subtle touch of sass. Choose your bags carefully so they never go out of style and work with any outfit. Hoop earings are essential in every metallic tone. And invest in great belts too, because they can upgrade a look very easily.

wardrobe essentials all white
Shirt-Zara  Bag-New Look  Boots-New Look  Trousers-H&M  Jacket-Black Rivet Scarf-Thrifted  Belt-Michael Kors

Another great option for coloured bottoms: olive green. Because it works as a neutral colour as well you can mix and match as you please. An essential of mine is a well fitted peacoat. I think it flatters the figure a lot. Here we have again the printed top, this one is actually thin knit, which is great for the cold weather, that brings something of (visual) interest to this outfit. Again as well a great pair of booties, these ones with a flattering heel and some gorgeous detailed leather.  Also a very important staple is a backpack. Choose a chic style, over the going-to-school-like ones, that can complete a put together outfit. You can never go wrong with a hat, another one of my favourite accessories. And for gloves, leather is classier and badassier 😉

wardrobe essentials backpack
Coat-Massimo Duti  Backpack-Stradivarius Boots-Zara Top-Zara Pants-Stradivarius Gloves-Accessorize Hat-Primark

Here is a more formal look. I have here the famous LWD, but the black dress is also a staple of mine. They are the top go-to pieces. Also an essential of mine is the tweed jacket. Again, as the military jacket, the blazer, it works with anything and is absolutely the classiest. Second best pair of heels are black, these one are not incredibly gorgeous or high, just the most comfortable pair of heels I own. And that is a vital piece to have. As far as clutches go I have to force myself to buy only the most versatile styles (since there are so many gorgeous ones out there and I just want them all). This one is beautiful and I got it only on sale. It has a strap, so it can be worn in more casual way too.

wardrobe essentials fancy dress
Jacket-Thrifted(French Connection) Clutch-Accessorize (Dress and shoes are unknown)

Did I leave any important pieces out? What are your wardrobe staples? Let me know in the comments! And remember,

Stay Classy ❤

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