What is in my makeup bag?

I admit that I am not the biggest fan of makeup. I do enjoy learning tips and getting better on doing my own makeup, but I only use it to enhance my favourite features. So here goes all the products I keep (and actually use) in my makeup bag.


First thing up is a makeup remover. I ignored owing one of these for quite some time and just used makeup removal wipes. Until I was recommended this product and I actually prefer this method, which feels better on the skin.

makeup bag VIII.jpg
Micellar cleasing water-Garnier  Cotton pads-Sainsbury

Then I have quite some eye shadow pallets. Eyes are my favourite thing to do, makeup-wise. I don’t go too crazy and since I love neutral simple makeup I just try to give myself some options inside that style.

makeup bag VII
Top-NYX  Left-L’Oreal  Middle-YSL  Right-L’Oreal
makeupbag I
The YSL is my absolute favourite ! ❤

Here are my current brushes and some other pieces I always keep close. I don’t believe you need thousands of brushes, but it is worthwhile to invest in good quality ones. But as long as you keep them clean (correctly wash them) they will stay in good condition. I do enjoy and recommend a lip and an eyeliner brush: they make an enormous difference. makeup bag II

makeup bag III
I only use these three every day

Some other products I regularly use: Black pencil as an eyeliner as it is quick and effective to use everyday; or a brown pencil for a more natural look; white eye pencil to enhance the inner corners of my eyes; not too flashy eyelash mascara; gel eyeliner (this is where the small black brush from above comes in); highlighting powder for special occasions (I use it on the top of my cheeks, nose, forehead and chin); concealer and a (not so clean, SORRY) beauty blender (this is amazing!) for my under eyes whenever they are too swollen and dark; a beige pencil for contouring my lips (when I use dark coloured lipstick only); and lastly, a red lip pencil to help contain my bright red lipstick.

makeup bag V
Concealer-Essence  Mascara-L’Oreal  Highlighter-Unknown  White pencil-Essence  Black/brown/beije/red pencil-Unknown  Beauty blender-Primark

I like to have the most options in lipsticks. I have (finally) figured out that I prefer mate to gloss, since it is way more comfortable to use (no stickiness, it doesn’t run, it lasts more). And it has to be moist enough. I always hated wearing lipstick when younger because it dried out my lips so much. I still normally love to only use a tinted moisturiser, like the one you can see here (this one is my favourite colour and brand). But for a more special occasion and to work I will wear lipstick. Just go for brands that work for you and colour wise I say go nuts ! 😉  I personally like pinks that are close to my natural colour, but just more enhanced, strong reds and more recently some browns.

These Maybelline Babylips lipsticks are my absolute favourite moisturisers: I try all their colours and always carry one with me. This one here is in cherry red (just the package is orange). This Sephora pink one is also a moisturiser and gives complete coverage and a bright colour: I wish I had bought more colours at the time. The NYX are very  good too: give great colour and are really smooth, I actually used to have a red too. That red liquid one is really bad, at least on my skin, because it just runs on it’s own and slips into the skin around the lips giving off a terrible look. I have it in another two colours and I just left it behind*.  The Chanel (black) one is a nude gloss and it is very comfortable to use, very shiny and smooth. I also like very much this Wet-n-Wild brown gloss, which I used to use over a brown mate lipstick I had- One of my favourite combinations.

makeup bag IV
Beige/pink/purple-NYX  Red-Maybelline  Pink(top)-Avon  Pink(middle)-Sephora  Pink(bottom)-Unknown (orange)Babylips-Maybelline  Black gloss-Chanel  Red gloss-Femme Couture  Brown gloss-Wet-n-Wild 

I keep along with my makeup my favourite nail polishes. I don’t have healthy nails so I keep them short. Therefore I prefer to see light colours on me: pink, grey, white, french manicure.

makeup bag VI
White-Essence  Gel shine top coat-Avon  Gel effect Pink-Nina  Red gel finish-Avon Gel top coat-Essie  Light Pink-Essie  Gold strength-Avon

*What I mean by this: I (believe like so many other) actually have a lot of miscellaneous other makeup products. Things that were handed down, gifted, missing quality and taste. Why do I keep it? I have no idea, but it feels like a waste to simply throw it on the trash. So when I moved house I only took these products listed here with me, which are the better quality and most used ones. Please tell me if I am the only one who feels like this !!

Hope you like this type of post and tell me if you would like to see more beauty related posts.

One last message: As I mentioned right in the beginning I like using makeup to enhance my best features. And I know how fun it all is, but, especially for everyday wear, don’t go insane creating a whole different person with makeup. Learn how to use it in the right way, practice what looks best on you and don’t go into it to try to be artificial. Beauty comes from the inside, truly.

Remember: Stay Classy ❤

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