Best ways to shop on a budget

I absolutely love getting a good deal when I shop. Nowadays clothing can be so expensive and I don’t like to invest high amounts into things I will get tired of, won’t last me a long time in full quality, will go out of trend or my taste will simply change. So when I go shopping first thing I do is go straight to the clearance racks, breathe in deep and go hands in looking for great pieces at amazing prices. Here are some tips to always get the best pricetag out of your shopping trip:

-Make a list: this is the very first step so that you can find the exact pieces you need. Physically go through your current closet and write down what pieces you need to complete it. Or/and just go searching for inspiration and keep note of pieces you would like to own, so that you have a clear idea of what to look for when you hit the stores/websites. Take a look at my own shopping wishlist:

-Thrift shop: it is way cheaper than normal clothing stores; you can still find great brands; you have a LOT of options to choose from, including the so many different stores: Goodwill, Boomerangs, The Salvation Army, Buffalo Exchange, Raspberry Beret, etc.

-Look for the sale: any discounts that apply; any coupons or discounts codes you can find; and of course just wait for the end of season (clearance) sales, where you can find amazing deals on those beautiful but expensive brands (I love doing that) ;). Here are some options: ; ; ; .

-Go online: for the websites I believe is always easier to get discounts (youtubers, bloggers, instagramers and the brands themselves give them out frequently); you can subscribe to the official websites so they send you all about their newest deals and promotions or use amazing Shoptagr, which is just one website that keeps track of any item from whatever website you choose and sends you notifications when it gets a change of price: (1).png


Stay classy ❤

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