What I wore to work

So I finally have a job where it is required to wear work appropriate attire. I say it like this because my personal style is already very chic, structured, clean and simple, so I always wanted to have a reason to dress like this and stimulate it even more. So here it is, hopefully the first week of many: What I wore to work.

Look 1:

Jacket – Pinkie
Shirt – Pinkie
Shoes – New Look
Pants – Primark
Earings-Lauren Conrad  Bracelet-Pandora  Lipstick-Maybelline

An all blue suit. Notice that the shade of the jacket does not match the one of the pants so that there is more interest to it. Surprise: a polka dot shirt (my favourites) also in blue. As the jacket is striped in grey I matched it up with these block heeled suede grey shoes, which are in my opinion a great heel option for work (comfy and good looking) and some silver jewellery to keep it in the same overall shade. And to break up the monochromatic look I added a bold red lip, which actually matches perfectly with my Pandora’s beads. Got to pay attention to those details 😉

Look 2:

Coat – Zara


Jacket – French Connection
Blouse – La Redoute
Pants – H&M

Actually I got so many compliments on this ensemble. Just a black and white combo, but I added on top this gorgeous tweed jacket in a bright pink with a matching lip colour too ! I added a silver belt to help define my waist and to accentuate all the silver details of the jacket and jewellery. For shoes I was wearing my black high heel booties (as you will be able to see down bellow).

Look 3:

Knit top – Karen Scott
Belt-Michael Kors  Watch-was a gift  Scarf-Thrifted
Skirt – Express
Earings – Lauren Conrad


Shoes – Nine West

I think the accessories are what really makes this outfit interesting. I absolutely love this leather skirt, should use it even more often. And this leopard scarf makes anything look better, trust me. So I just wrapped it around my neck for extra warmth and style. Nude shoes were the perfect and obvious choice: going for those earthy neutrals. I decided to add a belt to better cinch my waist and it actually complemented the other colours. I love this one because of the leopard round buckle. If it is brown (or, usually, black) I like to go with gold jewellery. Actually had these beige stone earings that are perfect for this and my favourite watch. This is the perfect example of how you can make a simple outfit very interesting, since the core pieces are quite basic.

Look 4:

Dress – Dressbarn
Blazer – Pinkie
Shoes-New Look  Backpack-Stradivarius  Trench-Thrifted


Wearing a dress to work is the easiest choice, in my opinion. As it is just one piece you only have to pick a pair of shoes and some jewellery and you’re done. A pulled together look. To make it just a tad more professional I put the same blue blazer you saw on the first look on top. Matched it with the grey shoes and my go to watch, even if it is gold. Any suggestion of a great silver watch? I am on a look for one.

Look 5:

Earings – New Look
Boots – Parfois
Shirt – Zara
Jacket – Kasper
Pants – Primark


Talk about how to feel like a power ranger 😉 I have developed a love for jackets and I didn’t even notice (I have gathered quite the collection already!). But that third layer always makes any simple look more interesting. Here we have just plain black trousers and a simple white shirt, but the red jacket makes it look like I planned this outfit carefully and thoughtfully. And that is an important image to send at work! You just have to look like you care about how you look.

Stay around for another week of work appropriate fashion. And stay classy ❤

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