Night and day

So this actually happened yesterday and I though it would be an interesting transformation to see. After I got home from work I had to go shopping with friends, so I changed to something more comfortable, but without changing the core look. And this is something I do all the time and you can do for so many different situations: chilling after an event or the other way around. Day to night or night to day. So here you go: working to chilling in a few simple steps.

Trench coat – Thrifted

So this first look is actually quite basic, but looks fancy because of the choice of bottoms: these beautiful marron colour wide leg almost paperbag waist trousers. I love these type of pants as they feel loose as a skirt but comfortable (in movement) as pants: so light, so fresh and so dressy ! With an updo, nicely cut jewellery and a polished makeup look you are office ready. And as the weather here is finally getting warmer I got the chance to cover up with just my favourite trench coat.

Trousers – Lefties
Watch – Macys      Earings – New Look
Turtleneck – Zara
Boots – Parfois
I am surprisingly inlove with this dark lipstick, which I feel gives dimension to my otherwise very round face.

Moving on to the switch: out with the heels and bring on the flats. The first thing I do when I get home is usually go barefoot. So if I have to get out of the house again I am only wearing flat shoes. And here you can see my classic go-to black moccasins. And since I lost the height I had to change into something more fitting, as in these embroidered elastic jeans. So comfortable and so pretty. My favourite combination. Girl, let your hair down, and go catch the wind.

Trench coat – Thrifted
Shoes – PullandBear


Turtleneck – Zara
Jeans – Jennifer Lopez (at Kohls)


Whether it’s day or night, stay classy ❤

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