DIY your own Spring

As you may have already noticed, I am a very creative person and as such I enjoy a(ny) great DIY. And although I keep forgetting to share them with you: only half way through the work does it occur to me “this would make a great post”; here goes a simple, but beautiful and uplifting(!) DIY.

First step: Get materials

  • Plastic flowers (and leafs/greenery) of different sizes
  • Foam/polystyrene/wood board
  • Pliers
  • X-acto knife
  • Hot glue gun and glue refills


Second step: Choose the shape

  • Draw out with a pencil the shape that you want so that you know where to cut
  • Use the x-knife to cut the board (maybe you’ll need a grinding machine if you choose a wood or any other harder material board) into the chosen shape
  • Be sure to do this on top of a cutting surface or at least outside and take all needed precautions. Ask for someone else’s help, if required


Third step: Cut the plants

  • Use the pliers to cut all the flowers and leafs you got. Depending on the thickness of the stems you will need different sized pliers. But usually they are quite easy to break. Separate all flowers and leafs individually. Tip: most flowers you can just pull of, with no need of pliers.


Fourth step: Plan it out

  • I believe this is the most important step. Before you glue anything or get rid of any flowers, lay them out until you are satisfied with the overall look
  • Tip: take pictures of the finished layout so when you go to glue it you’ll know where everything is supposed to go
  • Don’t underestimate the power of greenery. If you have only flowers it can seem overwhelming, too distracting or boring. Do include different shades and shapes of leafs to fill in the blank spaces. It breaks out the flower pattern and harmonizes the colours.


Fifth step: Get gluing

  • Plug in your gun, let it heat up first! The way you know it is hot enough to use is when the melted glue starts to come out without you pressing the trigger. And glue away. If you hold and press it while it is drying you will have lasting results.


I was using a small piece of foam just to guide you through the steps. The project I was really working on is a surprise for my grandmother’s birthday party: a big scale first name initial to stand by the cake. The theme is Spring, so a tone of flowers is very appropriate. Here are some details and the finished product. I am really satisfied with it and I only hope she will love it as much!



Nova Imagem

I truly hope you enjoyed this type of post, since I would like to share more of these with you here.

*I got all materials at Michael’s*

Happy Spring!

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