The feminine touch

I don’t see a point in saying “(…)anthropology was a typically macho pursuit (…)”. EVERYTHING was a ‘”typically macho pursuit”, specially career wise. And it wasn’t another breakthrough area, it isn’t a matter of ‘oh she proved that women CAN/ARE capable of studying plane making’, but instead another woman that gained and had confidence in herself, knew what she wanted and was capable of and she FOUGHT for it. And the fight wasn’t only against the male gender role, but with themselves. And that fight is universal and eternal. In some way it was like the black vs. white history mark. Black people were so used to that reality and got so traumatised and anguished by it that nowadays, after their emancipation, they are still under the shadow of racism. But it always goes both ways, never forget. And inferiority complex is a real phenomenon.


I believe the man vs. woman works somehow in the same way. Women were/and still are raised to feel, reach, do, accomplish, be less then men. And so the first place to start is by teaching young girls and being yourself  an example a confident (proud to be a) woman. And please understand that feminism is about gender equality! And not the superiority of female over male! The name is outdated, indeed. But it serves to remind us were it came from, were it started and where we can start. It’s about giving the same paycheck to either a man or a woman, but also a light coloured or dark coloured skin person, a European and an Asian person.

But it all starts in these people’s mindsets. Then they influence people around them (Defend your values above all) and it will change the world. And you are SOMEONE who CAN change the world. It happens bit by bit. And this discrimination happens to any and everyone in different sizes.

Sweater_Dressbarn  Shirt_Zara  Pants_Primark  Flats_Aldo  Trench_Thrifted  Sneakers_Converse

I have had boyfriends that got upset for my success, independence and accomplishments. And sure, this happens to us all sometimes when we compare our own lives to someone else’s. But envy doesn’t have to be a bad thing to feel and that relies on how you handle it. And above all, they were my boyfriend, they should always just be happy for me, proud of me and eager for and motivate me to do even more and go even further. This reaction of theirs saddens me so much and at the same time I actually feel bad for doing and being better than them! Not because they’re men! But because they are just as capable human beings who simply choose to stagnate.


Love this outfit with sneakers too ! Gives this preppy look a bit of edgyness. So comfy and chic

What I can do is continue to grow and expand showing them that it’s not because I am a woman, but because I am full potential me (most days at least haha).


The gold accents on these flats take the shoes to the next level !

My best friend is just as, if not more, independent and powerful and the other day she told me something that shook me: that both our future husbands will always make us feel bad or be ashamed (by others too, perhaps) for being less than their wives, who are women. And I found it completely stupid, revolting and most certainly true and unavoidable. Doesn’t this sound ridiculous to you? And I don’t care if you are a woman, a man, homosexual, black or Hispanic. Anyone deserves to be successful if they worked for it. And in that I see nothing besides admiration for them.


Stay Classy ❤

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