As my daily looks are all for a office environment I decided to start a separate segment for just this style. You can come here looking for inspiration for what to wear to work or just if you enjoy more pull-together, classic looks. I tend to dress like this on my spare time, as well, since I like structured, simple, classic pieces which are always work appropriate. Also here I shall talk about finding the right job for you, tips for interviews, work environments, career development and so on. I appreciate getting all information and advice on this topic, since I am still trying to figure out myself what is the best career path for me. So it felt like a good idea to share that journey with you 🙂

Nowadays we look at career in such a different way, even from just the generation before. It is no longer something you have to do, it is something you love doing. It’s part of you, who you are and represents some of your personality. Before it was a means to a social stand, a family business that was handed down or simply the few options that were available to you, depending on the people you knew and where you came from. All of that has been broken down and replaced by a more meritocratic system. The options now are endless and we, especially as young freshly graduated teenagers, feel lost. Don’t know where to start, what is realistic or attainable anymore and where should be drawn the line between hobbies and career choices. Everywhere we see inspiring stories of people who made it: they turned their passions into businesses, make a living out of work they truly love, they invent new jobs and careers and inspire others to follow their footsteps! It is overwhelming, to say the least. You are left to think badly of only wanting a secure, simple job, good enough to pay the bills and not require too much effort. The question of “What I am doing with my life?” never weighted so heavy. People are out there changing the world and I am sitting in front of computer just watching. We feel the emotional pressure.


I understand how you would want to choose work that you are truly passionate about, since it would bring out the best of you, making you develop and continuously improve, providing a better quality service for the general society. It is something that occupies most of our time, so we should opt for something that we will have (some) pleasure doing.

We are, usually, multi-faceted beings. We have more than just one taste, one good quality, one interest in something, etc. So how are we suppose to choose amongst our complicated selves what we want to do the rest of our lives? It’s a big decision to make. And I feel there are very little tools to help us choose. So I decided to concentrate some of those (whatever I manage to find helpful) right here in these series. With, of course, a touch of fashion 😉


We don’t even know how to speak of the world of work properly, in a clear and easily understandable manner. When you ask someone what they do for a living and how is it like, they aren’t capable of explaining or pin-point just how their jobs actually makes them feel. It goes beyond what you earn, what you do everyday, what status does it give you or what perks you get with it: pursuing a career is now about the essence of who you are and how you want what you do to make you feel everyday. I don’t agree with this though.


Your life can’t be all about work, and when you involve yourself in work you truly love it may become hard to stop. You won’t be able to draw the line in where you should rest and when you should work hard. It becomes a 24/7 job. And that is not healthy; there are so much other things to life: how about your partner, family, your physical and mental health? So it isn’t so bad to settle for a job that provides you all the basics you need to survive well and isn’t too much of a bother to do with most of your time. It is ok to be where you are now.

Here is a great help to figure out what kind of job is adequate for you: http://www.thebookoflife.org/how-to-find-a-job-you-can-love-a-questionnaire/




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