Joyeux anniversaire

As I told you guys, last weekend was my grandmother’s 80th birthday party. Big number, so we threw a big party. This was the first of now a long list of birthdays to follow, including my own, and it got me thinking. What is it with birthdays?


When we are little we are made believe that our birthday is our special day. It was, along side Christmas and Carnaval, one of my favourite days of the year. Because I felt like it was a day made only for me, meant to celebrate the fact that I was alive being myself. And we always had a party, had cake and sang happy birthday some three different times and got cuddles and attention from my parents and siblings. That was the best part then. Now it’s not so much so. I feel like the magic fades away as you get older.


It becomes a regular day. It happens to be on a Monday so you have to go to work; You start celebrating it having lunch out with friends, instead of cuddling with your parents; You find out there are other people who have the same birthday as you, or the next day, or the previous day and it all doesn’t seem so unique anymore. It is like you decided to do something on any random expect happy birthday to be sang to you some 7 times that day, to receive some random gifts if people are kind enough and blow out another candle on a cake. It starts to look so vague and not special anymore: more like granted routine.


I believe this day should mature as you do. Start being a reflective day of how much you have grown, how you have changed, what have you learned and yes, definitely of celebrating your personality. I think it should be a day of celebrating who you are and giving the people you celebrate it with the change to see and do things your way. Let them experience YOUR day by being a bit more like you. This is not, by any means, an attempt to change people or to show off how much better you are than them, but rather an act of empathy. You are putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes and giving them compassion by understanding how it is like being them.


It is an opportunity to do different things, to invest in their interests and hobbies and, surely, make it an enjoyable and remarkable day for them. Especially as their loved ones, do try to make this day feel like their day by letting things be done their way and participating and accepting this point of view on life. I believe this would be truly the way to celebrate someone’s personality.


As for yourself celebrating your own birthday, appreciate this day to love yourself an extra bit more, by being proud of how far you’ve come, how much you’ve gone through and how you are still doing a pretty decent job at being yourself.

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Heels_Nine West  Dress_Jessica Howard  Earings_New Look

Stay classy ❤

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