Nail it DIY

So I have been seeing these really cool graphic nail art, which look so easy to make that I decided to recreate it. And if I, nail disaster girl here, did it anyone can haha. I enjoyed the final look so much that I am sharing with you the steps.

One: Start with a clean canvas

  • Go ahead and treat your nails for the basics. I had to remove the previous nail polish I had on and then I just limed them and put a coat of nail strengthen polish (mine are really weak, so this is mandatory)


Two: Materials you’ll need

  • Your nail polishes colours of choice, and yes you can use more than one (I am going for a nude/natural palette)
  • Top coat (I am using gel effect for both layers)
  • Scissors
  • Tape


Three: Pattern

  • Cut little square pieces of tape and place it over the nail, leaving uncovered the area which you are painting (first)


Four: Get painting

  • Go ahead and paint the untapped areas: make sure you get every corner
  • Let dry and paint as many coats as you wish (I did two, should have done three -.-)


Five: Voilá

  • Remove the tape and reveal that beautiful pattern
  • Finish it up with a protective top coat and enjoy your modern new look 😉 I absolutely love it and want to try it with all different patterns and colours ! Will show you more options then!


  • Tip: If you wish to use more than one colour I suggest you painting the whole nail first with the first colour of choice and then, after it dries, doing the patterned second colour over that. Make sure the top one is darker than the bottom one, otherwise it won’t work. But this process will be easier than tapping for each colour.



Stay classy ❤


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