About the tweed: Part I

The Jacket

I absolutely love tweed. And feel like it isn’t that popular amongst the young generation, being more associated with old ladies. But it is incredibly versatile and classy. It takes any simple outfit to the next level. And this little series will be to prove and inspire you to try more the beautiful and endlessly inspiring fabric that is tweed.


Outfit one: the classy lady. Besides it being tweed it is (blue, red and white) striped? PERFECTION. Pull out that sleek little white dress and rock a pair of pumps and you’ll be dressed for any special occasion: work, meetings, presentations, mass, celebrations, parties, events, you name it.




Key elements here: the choice of a fitted simple dress with strategically placed slits, to maintain an element of sexyness that contrasts with the conservative boxy cut of the jacket. Light silver modern jewellery, as I am wearing my Pandora bracelet, that perfectly matches this colour theme, and no classic expected pearls. Remember that modern touch.




Add a bold red lip to make a statement. ‘I am here. I am powerful. I am the boss’. And always pay attention to details, like these beautiful red shoes with the scalloped edge. Makes it all so much more interesting and stylish. And people do notice this. Maybe they will even offer you roses to match with your beautiful self.


Stay classy ❤

Jacket_Banana Republic (similar here): http://bananarepublicfactory.gapfactory.com/browse/product.do?vid=1&pid=570905001

Shoes_London Rebel_Asos (similar here): http://www.asos.com/search/red-heels?q=red+heels&pgesize=36




Earings_Lauren Conrad

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