A letter to Summer

Dear Summer,

I don´t want you to end. Although I love Fall so dearly, with it will come change of a new adventure. One I am not quite sure am ready for.



You are so special. With your longer stretched out days comes a sense of imperativeness. A sort of pledge we instinctively make. To live and enjoy life to the fullest.  Suddenly where I spend all of my days gains new colours and I feel like a tourist re-discovering the pleasures of my beautiful home. There is a sense of freedom in the breeze, one that comes from the lack of responsibilities. It feels like we have time. For everything and anything.


Friendships taste sweeter and lovers bite harder. Everything tastes fresher and stronger. Nature puts on it’s best outfit and we make time to admire its endless beauty. Time ticks slower allowing us to experience a one of a kind sense of peace.


I’m finding it so hard to let go. I don’t want it to end. This sensation. Mostly because I don’t know when it will come again. But I have to realise that Summer always comes, sooner or later, once a year. And from here on carry with me the lesson it is trying to teach me: make the most of your life. Everyday counts. And value your happiness, because it is what’s worth living for.


Saudade eterna. As cores mais lindas e vivas que já vi. É sempre um prazer. És um estilo de vida, um estado de espírito. Um que nunca quero perder. Obrigada pelas melhores férias. Espero te reencontrar em breve.


Com amor, 



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Stay Classy ❤

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