Bucket List

 So a new year is just around the corner and naturally it get’s all thinking “How is my life going so far and what and how can I change about it?”. I try to better this exercise year after year, as I do think it is important to reflect on your life status periodically. Now, I advise not to get too carried away, feel down on how everything went over the course of the last year or try to go and change everything about yourself in 2018. Go easy on yourself. Everyone goes through bad and good periods. I know my 2017 was filled with highs and lows. But it will be more digestible and doable, quite honestly, if you work towards your goals in the long run, just one step at a time. In this regard, I want to share with you my bucket list in hopes that I will cross at least one more thing from it in 2018.

 Então o Ano Novo está quase aí à porta e naturalmente deixa-nos a pensar “Como vai a minha vida até agora e o que posso fazer para a mudar?”. Eu tento melhorar este exercício ano após ano, pois acho muito importante refletir sobre o estado da vida periodicamente. Eu aconselho, claro, a não se deixarem levar demasiado e tentar mudar tudo sobre vocês em 2018. Sejam brandos. Toda a gente passa por períodos bons e maus. Eu sei que o meu 2017 foi cheio de altos e baixos. Mas será mais digerível e viável, honestamente, se trabalharem para os vossos objetivos a longo termo, um passo de cada vez. Nesse sentido, quero partilhar convosco a minha bucket list na esperança de vir a riscar algo mais em 2018. 








-Sky Diving
-Eat sufflé
-Learn to surf
-Try Indian food
-Dance in the rain
-Learn to skateboard
-Get married
-Get pregnant
-Adopt a child
-Write a song
-Write a book
-Attend the opera
-Ride a hot air ballon
-Ride a two seat bicicle
-Go to a drive in theatre
-Watch a movie projected on the side of a building
-Get a tattoo
-See the boreal aurora
-Donate blood
-Send a message in a bottle
-Plant a tree
-Be part of a flash mob
-Bathe in a waterfall
-Swim in my underwear
-See a meteor fall
-Have a paint fight
-Step on grapes
-Launch a Chinese paper lantern into the sky
-Go to a gym
-Kiss under mistletoe
-Have my own dog saved from the shelter
-Visit and observatory
-Swim at night
-Taste (true, good quality) champagne
-Try duck
-Get a spa massage
-Go to a jazz club
-Go on Erasmus
-Travel with friends
-Go run during dawn
-Visit an ice castle (in USA)
-Learn Italian
-Learn ballroom dance

What about you? What are you looking for to accomplish in 2018? 🙂
Stay Classy ❤


Skirt  Saia_Giulia

Shoes  Sapatos_New Look

Coat  Casaco_Zara

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