Best thrift finds ever

 I've talked about thrifting here on the blog a couple times already, but I want to give it a lot more focus. On today's post I am sharing with you my best thrift finds so far, in hopes of inspiring you to try it out yourselves. As you'll see, you can find amazing pieces at … Continue reading Best thrift finds ever

4 Ways to Style a Leather Skirt

Cosy Sweater Look  Sweater weather meet leather. Gotta love this combination, because the different textures always makes it interesting to the eye. Besides the sweater keeps you cosy, while the leather gives it a touch of sexy and the impression that you tried harder than to just reach out for your everyday jeans.  Tempo de … Continue reading 4 Ways to Style a Leather Skirt

Rua Cor-de-Rosa

 O termo machismo nem é apropriado para o que vou falar aqui, visto que, apesar de ser o direto antónimo em termos linguísticos, não equivale, e de longe, em significado.  The term machism is not even apropriate for what I am going to talk about here, given it's linguistic antonym doesn't, by far, equate to … Continue reading Rua Cor-de-Rosa

‘Should I stay or should I go now?’

How much are you willing to give up for a career? Quanto estás disposto a largar pela tua carreira? As I will keep on repeating, you are not your job. There is so much more to you than just what you do to earn money, so it should not define you. And although I understand … Continue reading ‘Should I stay or should I go now?’

About the tweed: Part II

The Dress Li um post no outro dia que falava de emails e como vieram a aumentar o stress no trabalho e o quão importante é e com quanta frequência se devem verificar. Recomendava uma vez por dia, no mínimo, senão a cada meia hora. Dizia que verificar emails tornou-se um trabalho só de si. … Continue reading About the tweed: Part II

What I wore to work

So I finally have a job where it is required to wear work appropriate attire. I say it like this because my personal style is already very chic, structured, clean and simple, so I always wanted to have a reason to dress like this and stimulate it even more. So here it is, hopefully the … Continue reading What I wore to work

My wardrobe essentials

Every closet should have a main core, pieces that you can rely on and use always, easily and in infinite ways. Here are some of mine. Of course, I didn't include summer items, that would be a whole different post 😉 Let's start with everybody's best friend: denim. You can have any and everything  denim … Continue reading My wardrobe essentials