Easy fail-proof ways to style your LBD

Don't know what to wear? Every woman has got a little black dress in her closet and that is the perfect canvas for your style. Here goes 5 different ways and simple styling tips to take that dress out of your closet.  Não sabes o que vestir? Toda a mulher tem um vestido preto no … Continue reading Easy fail-proof ways to style your LBD

Warm days

Simple days are the best. I went out with my boyfriend trying to be fully productive, but the city streets looked so inviting that we ended up going for a walk. We went to a couple Christmas markets and walked around to see the decorating lights. As we didn't want to go home just yet, … Continue reading Warm days

4 Ways to Style a Leather Skirt

Cosy Sweater Look  Sweater weather meet leather. Gotta love this combination, because the different textures always makes it interesting to the eye. Besides the sweater keeps you cosy, while the leather gives it a touch of sexy and the impression that you tried harder than to just reach out for your everyday jeans.  Tempo de … Continue reading 4 Ways to Style a Leather Skirt

To do list: Be productive

I have this thing that I pressure myself into. I feel like I have to constantly be productive. Like always doing something that will serve me, that is useful, that has a point to it or will help me achieve a goal. Eu tenho esta coisa que eu própria pressiono sobre mim mesma. Eu sinto … Continue reading To do list: Be productive

DIY the earings you want

I was looking for a very specific type of earing and by no means could I find it. You see, I really love pearls. But instead of studs (which I already have) I wanted dangle earings, but without that old fashioned look. Dangle pearl earings (the ones I did find for sale) tend to look … Continue reading DIY the earings you want

The uniform

This little number has become part of me and my life. These have become staples, marks of my personality and reminders of where and what I've been through in my life. All of these pieces are around two years old. The shirt and the pants were a gift from my sister, while I was living … Continue reading The uniform

Working the social

Happy monday, my darlings. Today the topic of discussion is work colleagues. And I delayed quite the bit writing this post just because there are so many takes on this, it really depends on your own situation and how you handle it. But the point of this will be just to gather some information for … Continue reading Working the social

About the tweed: Part I

The Jacket I absolutely love tweed. And feel like it isn't that popular amongst the young generation, being more associated with old ladies. But it is incredibly versatile and classy. It takes any simple outfit to the next level. And this little series will be to prove and inspire you to try more the beautiful … Continue reading About the tweed: Part I

Joyeux anniversaire

As I told you guys, last weekend was my grandmother's 80th birthday party. Big number, so we threw a big party. This was the first of now a long list of birthdays to follow, including my own, and it got me thinking. What is it with birthdays? When we are little we are made believe … Continue reading Joyeux anniversaire