DIY Calendar

A very easy DIY to keep your life organised. Um DIY super fácil para manter a tua vida organizada.  Materiais: Cartolina Marcadores Lápis e borracha Régua Materials: Cardboard Markers Pencil and rubber Ruler Step 1:  1º Passo:  Measure everything out and trace out the lines for the columns (7 days of the week) and lines … Continue reading DIY Calendar

Happy Halloween

 I adore Halloween ! Even though I am scared of almost everything, I always loved this holiday. Maybe because it's in favourite season or just because I love a good reason to play dress up. Speaking of which, here is my costume for this year: Wednesday Addams. And it is so easy to re-create if … Continue reading Happy Halloween

DIY the earings you want

I was looking for a very specific type of earing and by no means could I find it. You see, I really love pearls. But instead of studs (which I already have) I wanted dangle earings, but without that old fashioned look. Dangle pearl earings (the ones I did find for sale) tend to look … Continue reading DIY the earings you want

About the tweed: Part II

The Dress Li um post no outro dia que falava de emails e como vieram a aumentar o stress no trabalho e o quão importante é e com quanta frequência se devem verificar. Recomendava uma vez por dia, no mínimo, senão a cada meia hora. Dizia que verificar emails tornou-se um trabalho só de si. … Continue reading About the tweed: Part II

Nail it DIY

So I have been seeing these really cool graphic nail art, which look so easy to make that I decided to recreate it. And if I, nail disaster girl here, did it anyone can haha. I enjoyed the final look so much that I am sharing with you the steps. One: Start with a clean canvas Go ahead … Continue reading Nail it DIY

DIY your own Spring

As you may have already noticed, I am a very creative person and as such I enjoy a(ny) great DIY. And although I keep forgetting to share them with you: only half way through the work does it occur to me "this would make a great post"; here goes a simple, but beautiful and uplifting(!) … Continue reading DIY your own Spring