1 Piece Lookbook: Slip Dress

 Este desafio está de volta com mais um episódio em grande! Hoje trago-vos um essencial de muitos guarda-roupas: o muito versátil e sempre chique vestido de alças finas. Estilizado não em 11, nem 24, mas sim 44 looks! Sim, leram bem, 44! Do mais casual ao mais chique este vestido não falha seja qual for … Continue reading 1 Piece Lookbook: Slip Dress

Wardrobe Essentials

I know you have seen tons of Pinterest lists of the most basic items you could possibly have in your closet, all proclaiming you cannot live a perfectly balanced life without these. Well, this is not the case. Throughout the years I have been constantly changing what I call basics in my wardrobe and finally … Continue reading Wardrobe Essentials

Don’t know what to wear today?

 We all have these days when we just can't make a decision from everything that lies inside our closet. The day just started and you are already beginning to feel frustrated. Well don't sweat it ! It can be much easier than you think. Here are my quick and easy tips for those blue days, … Continue reading Don’t know what to wear today?

Capsule Wardrobe: Advantages and Disadvantages

 A decisão de criar um armário cápsula não surgiu de um dia para o outro. Como vos contei, é um conceito que já existe há bastante tempo e eu já ando considerando começar desde que primeiro ouvi sobre a ideia. No entanto, houve sempre algo que me impediu de levar essa ideia a sério. Para … Continue reading Capsule Wardrobe: Advantages and Disadvantages

Best thrift finds ever

 I've talked about thrifting here on the blog a couple times already, but I want to give it a lot more focus. On today's post I am sharing with you my best thrift finds so far, in hopes of inspiring you to try it out yourselves. As you'll see, you can find amazing pieces at … Continue reading Best thrift finds ever

From the bed to the door: My get ready in no time look

 For those days when you don't hear the alarm, ignore it or even forgot to set it and wake up being already late. Here are some tips to get you going, without looking like a hot mess when leaving through that door.  Para aqueles dias em que não ouves o alarme, ignoras-lo ou esqueceste de … Continue reading From the bed to the door: My get ready in no time look

Jeans 3 ways

 Recentemente, fui à procura de um novo par de calças de ganga simples e dei-me de caras com este par bordado super giro, que simplesmente não resisti. No post de hoje, venho-vos mostrar o quão versátil uma peça assim diferenciada consegue ser através de três looks diferentes.  Recently, I went searching for a new pair … Continue reading Jeans 3 ways

Spring is here!

 Finally, the sun came out to play. Warmer weather is here to stay and with that new colours, fabrics and trends enter our wardrobe. Today I am sharing with you a Spring Lookbook inspired in some of this year's biggest trends for the season. I hope you enjoy it!  Finalmente, o sol veio para brilhar. … Continue reading Spring is here!

The uniform

This little number has become part of me and my life. These have become staples, marks of my personality and reminders of where and what I've been through in my life. All of these pieces are around two years old. The shirt and the pants were a gift from my sister, while I was living … Continue reading The uniform