Bullet Journal for Beginners

 Já viram uns quantos posts aqui no blog sobre bullet journaling, inclusive um sobre a minha experiência pessoal com e porque eu recomendo. Hoje venho, então, partilhar algumas dicas para começarem o vosso próprio bullet journal, de forma mais simples e menos assustadora.  You have seen already a couple of posts in the blog about … Continue reading Bullet Journal for Beginners

Starting 2018 with your Bullet Journal

 Happy New Year ! Everyone knows that with the new year comes all this time dedicated to reflection of the past year and setting goals for the new year ahead. And this is something I love doing in my bullet journal. I am going to share some ideas on how to reflect on 2017 and … Continue reading Starting 2018 with your Bullet Journal

A letter to Summer

Dear Summer, I don´t want you to end. Although I love Fall so dearly, with it will come change of a new adventure. One I am not quite sure am ready for. You are so special. With your longer stretched out days comes a sense of imperativeness. A sort of pledge we instinctively make. To … Continue reading A letter to Summer