To do list: Be productive

I have this thing that I pressure myself into. I feel like I have to constantly be productive. Like always doing something that will serve me, that is useful, that has a point to it or will help me achieve a goal. Eu tenho esta coisa que eu prรณpria pressiono sobre mim mesma. Eu sinto … Continue reading To do list: Be productive

For 4th of July

So as you may already know I am Portuguese: born and raised. And just recently moved to Massachusetts, USA. Como vocรชs jรก devem saber, sou portuguesa: nascida e criada. E sรณ recentemente mudei-me para Massachusetts, EUA. It is not the first time I have moved or lived abroad: I have lived in Scotland for a … Continue reading For 4th of July

Happy birthday to me!

Hello! So you've read quite some posts from me already, but know so little about who I am. So why not introduce myself a bit better? And when better to talk about myself than around my birthday? ๐Ÿ˜‰ That by the way is June the 12th. Here are 50 facts about me! Olรก! Entรฃo vocรชs … Continue reading Happy birthday to me!