Best thrift finds ever

 I've talked about thrifting here on the blog a couple times already, but I want to give it a lot more focus. On today's post I am sharing with you my best thrift finds so far, in hopes of inspiring you to try it out yourselves. As you'll see, you can find amazing pieces at … Continue reading Best thrift finds ever

Spring is here!

 Finally, the sun came out to play. Warmer weather is here to stay and with that new colours, fabrics and trends enter our wardrobe. Today I am sharing with you a Spring Lookbook inspired in some of this year's biggest trends for the season. I hope you enjoy it!  Finalmente, o sol veio para brilhar. … Continue reading Spring is here!

Working that body talk

Acreditem ou não, a vossa relação com os restantes colegas de trabalho é um fator extremamente relevante, no que toca à vossa satisfação geral com o vosso trabalho. O ambiente de trabalho influencia uma grande parte da nossa relação com a nossa carreira. Believe it or not, your relationship with your co-workers is an extremely important factor … Continue reading Working that body talk

The feminine touch

I don't see a point in saying "(...)anthropology was a typically macho pursuit (...)". EVERYTHING was a '"typically macho pursuit", specially career wise. And it wasn't another breakthrough area, it isn't a matter of 'oh she proved that women CAN/ARE capable of studying plane making', but instead another woman that gained and had confidence in … Continue reading The feminine touch

My wardrobe essentials

Every closet should have a main core, pieces that you can rely on and use always, easily and in infinite ways. Here are some of mine. Of course, I didn't include summer items, that would be a whole different post 😉 Let's start with everybody's best friend: denim. You can have any and everything  denim … Continue reading My wardrobe essentials