Best thrift finds ever

 I've talked about thrifting here on the blog a couple times already, but I want to give it a lot more focus. On today's post I am sharing with you my best thrift finds so far, in hopes of inspiring you to try it out yourselves. As you'll see, you can find amazing pieces at … Continue reading Best thrift finds ever

Warm days

Simple days are the best. I went out with my boyfriend trying to be fully productive, but the city streets looked so inviting that we ended up going for a walk. We went to a couple Christmas markets and walked around to see the decorating lights. As we didn't want to go home just yet, … Continue reading Warm days

About the tweed: Part I

The Jacket I absolutely love tweed. And feel like it isn't that popular amongst the young generation, being more associated with old ladies. But it is incredibly versatile and classy. It takes any simple outfit to the next level. And this little series will be to prove and inspire you to try more the beautiful … Continue reading About the tweed: Part I

My wardrobe essentials

Every closet should have a main core, pieces that you can rely on and use always, easily and in infinite ways. Here are some of mine. Of course, I didn't include summer items, that would be a whole different post 😉 Let's start with everybody's best friend: denim. You can have any and everything  denim … Continue reading My wardrobe essentials