How to find your personal style

Aqui estão as minhas melhores dicas para encontrar o teu estilo próprio. É um processo melhor do que pode parecer, portanto segue estas 6 dicas para conseguir o teu guarda-fato de sonho.  Here are my best tips to finding your own style. It's an easier proccess than what it may seem, so just follow these … Continue reading How to find your personal style

Bucket List

 So a new year is just around the corner and naturally it get's all thinking "How is my life going so far and what and how can I change about it?". I try to better this exercise year after year, as I do think it is important to reflect on your life status periodically. Now, … Continue reading Bucket List

Favourite Looks from 2017

 Here are my favourite looks from 2017, exactly one per month. It is great to look back and see them all. Note to self: wear outfits like these more often !  Aqui estão os meus looks favoritos de 2017, exatamente, um por mês. Sabe bem voltar atrás e ver todos. Nota para mim mesma: usar … Continue reading Favourite Looks from 2017

Warm days

Simple days are the best. I went out with my boyfriend trying to be fully productive, but the city streets looked so inviting that we ended up going for a walk. We went to a couple Christmas markets and walked around to see the decorating lights. As we didn't want to go home just yet, … Continue reading Warm days

How to study better

 Being back in school after almost two years, I have been trying to be organised and always keep up with everything so I don't end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed. For that I've researched and came up with some helpful tricks to study better and more effectively.  Ao estar de volta à escola quase dois … Continue reading How to study better

How to decide what to study in uni

University. Such a scary word. It is overwhelming for sure, having to make a 3 or more years decision that will have repercussions  for the rest of your life. It may seem like you are just picking something out that you like and wouldn't mind learning about for a large period of time, or even … Continue reading How to decide what to study in uni