Happy Halloween

 I adore Halloween ! Even though I am scared of almost everything, I always loved this holiday. Maybe because it's in favourite season or just because I love a good reason to play dress up. Speaking of which, here is my costume for this year: Wednesday Addams. And it is so easy to re-create if … Continue reading Happy Halloween

The feminine touch

I don't see a point in saying "(...)anthropology was a typically macho pursuit (...)". EVERYTHING was a '"typically macho pursuit", specially career wise. And it wasn't another breakthrough area, it isn't a matter of 'oh she proved that women CAN/ARE capable of studying plane making', but instead another woman that gained and had confidence in … Continue reading The feminine touch

3 different pleats

Ok. Óbvio que não estou a ser pioneira em toda esta cena do blog de moda. Ainda não consegui perceber qual a direção a seguir para conseguir extrair a melhor prestação possível de mim mesma. E não é fácil pegar em algo que já existe há tanto tempo e tornar em algo completamente inovativo, estando … Continue reading 3 different pleats

My wardrobe essentials

Every closet should have a main core, pieces that you can rely on and use always, easily and in infinite ways. Here are some of mine. Of course, I didn't include summer items, that would be a whole different post 😉 Let's start with everybody's best friend: denim. You can have any and everything  denim … Continue reading My wardrobe essentials